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A plan is only as good as those who see it through.

We are LEAP Biomed Innovators, helping companies

leapfrog tough research and development hurdles to

bring fundamentally new medical devices to market.

We help large companies and venture capital de-risk projects:

  • De-risking by building and testing

  • Demo units for market assessment

  • Preclinical studies

  • Show scalability via onsite manufacturing

  • Technology transfer for high-volumes

  • Backup capacity for manufacturing

We help startups and small companies through early-stage R&D:

  • Proof-of-concept and prototypes

  • Product development: design, build, test

  • Design for manufacturability

  • Clinical-grade prototype manufacturing

  • Verification and validation

  • Full-scale, low-volume production

We integrate with our customers to

deliver value quickly and cost-effectively.


With every project, Leap Biomed becomes an extended part of your team. From working with you virtually over web conferencing with a defined scope and budget to collaborating in real-time and in-person with you in our labs and cleanrooms, we take advantage of today’s technology to ensure that what makes us successful makes you successful.


Making us part of your extended team also gives you access to our network of partners and suppliers—from hardware to software to preclinical testing to CLIA-certified laboratories, we are able to solve your problems from idea to verification & validation to production.

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