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We continue to build an organization that is capable of commercializing cutting-edge medical device technology

Current projects, for which Leap Biomed Innovators is the sole supplier/manufacturer:
  • Scaffold for Regenerative Patch Technologies’ sub-retinal stem cell implantation (first-in-human clinical trials)

  • Device manufacturing for ophthalmic drug delivery (currently in preclinical stage)

  • Facility support for confidential new retinal device (currently in bench feasibility stage)

  • Development agreement with major ophthalmic pharma company for diagnostic device

Case Study: Stem Cell Implants
  • Regenerative Patch Technologies (RPT) uses a scaffold built by Leap to seed stem cells before implanting the scaffold and stem cells sub-retinally

  • Over one dozen patients implanted in first-in-human study with initial results published in Science Translational Medicine (04 April 2018 Issue)

  • Study results show possible improvement for patients with advanced dry AMD (over 5 millions patients globally)

  • Over 1,200 pieces shipped for development, testing, preclinical, and clinical trials

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